Rio 2016

Facts about the Olympics

1 Why were the ancient Olympics initially organised?

The Olymipcs were organised as a religious festival to honour the leader of the Greek gods Zeus

2How and when did the Modern Olympics begin?

The Modern Olympic Games were held in Athens Greece in 1896.

3 Why  where athletes originally given olive wreaths as a reward?

The one winner would receive a wreath of olives as a prize and a statue was built in their honour.  The olive leaves were taken from the sacred Olympia olives trees near the temple of the Greek god Zeus.

4 Why do you think women weren’t allowed to participate in the ancient Olympics?

Women weren’t allowed to participate in the  Olympics  because of the following reasons 1. The man where nude,2.women didn’t have much recognition  and they were governed by strict laws. 3.  No person that didn’t speak Greek or didn’t have a lot of money could participate.

There was a separate event that was called Heraia created for woman to participate in.

5. Why is a flame lit at the modern Olympics? Where does the flame come from? The flame is lit tosymbolise peace between countries and the games beginning. The flame is lit from Mount Olympia it is passed from torch to torch until it reaches the games.